Installing the Windows 2003 Admin Pack on Windows Vista

From Josh’s blog: we have a neat little trick to getting the Admin Pack tools from Windows 2003 working on Vista. I have uploaded FIXADMINPACK.CMD up to my web site. Just run the file after you install the Admin Pack and it should work. (Just verified that this works on RC2 and RTM; make sure you do a RunAs administrator on a command console, otherwise it won’t register the DLLs correctly).

Windows Defender: how the heck do I remove this program? I use my own anti-spyware solution in the form of Spyware Blaster and do not need Windows Defender. Defender blocks the autostart of my Quickspell 3.7 beta program unless I turn UAC off. It appears from my investigations that Defender is built into the OS and cannot be turned off. After removing the Defender using Autoruns and disabling the Defender service, it still runs. Eek! Tell me why I have to have the Windows Firewall running to use Remote Desktop? I’m behind a router Microsoft, why lock me out of this feature! I hate the Windows firewall, hate, hate, hate! Expect a lot of “hacks” to come out when Vista is released in January. I suspect there will be a section on my web site dedicated just to Windows Vista to help people turn off features they don’t need (and enable the ones they do).

Update (11/29/06): Windows Defender CAN be disabled using GPEDIT.MSC. Navigate to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Defender to disable Defender. It appears that the blocking of the startup program is solely due to UAC and not Defender as I stated above (even though picking “Show blocked programs” brings up Defender, the problem is actually an UAC problem. Confused? Good!)

Update (12/5/06): It appears from this MSDN article that RunOnce and POLICYRUN are exempt from this restriction. Indeed, if you run gpedit.msc and drill to “Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Logon>Run these programs at user logon” and add your executable there, it will run it elevated without prompting. The key in autoruns looks like this:

– Soli Deo Gloria

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