Finally Back Online!

After getting a replacement CPU from Newegg and popping it into my system my computer still wasn’t working! System would power on for 2 seconds and then power off. I stripped it to bare bones and still got the same thing. I ripped another power supply out of my test box and again it would only power on for 2 seconds. As I pulled the cards out, I noticed each had coolant on the contacts. The sockets must be soaked with this nasty stuff. Any ways, I had an Asus motherboard overnighted from Newegg and I’m back online! The fix I have posted for the STOP 0x7B error message in the HOW-TO section works quite nicely for motherboard exchanges.

Update: Not quite up as I thought ..3 hours after assembling the system the AGP card took a crap.  Switching it with an older Geforce 2 MX 400 worked, so I went to CompUSA and got a cheapo Geforce 5200FX card.  However, that doesn’t work after POST, so I had to put the older AGP card in.  Both cards work in other systems?!  I’m going to try a PCI card from Newegg and see how that goes!

This week at work I played with Windows Vista with the AIK (Automated Install Kit) and WDS (Windows Deployment Services). I actually got Windows Vista to push down via PXE boot in my test lab. Even got a partial unattended setup going via PXE, but as soon I as used the System Image Manager to script in an addition of a local admin account, the image now bombs towards the end of the image download.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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