Watercooling: Never Again

This weekend I attempted to install a watercooling kit from Danger Den, kit 4200. Took me about 3 hours to strip everything out of my PC and get the water blocks mounted. I turned it on and it was alive! Today, I wake up and start putting all my cards back into the system and boot it up. I moved my DVD drive up one bay to make room for the coolant reservoir. Now the IDE cable doesn’t reach to the motherboard. Drats! I head to Best Buy to find a IDE cable. They only have one for $22. Give me a break! So I head to CompUSA and find one from Belkin for $35. You kidding me? I luckily find a conductor 80 CompUSA brand for $10: now that’s more like it! I come back home to find coolant all over my desk! Eek!

The coolant smells really bad too (I mean really bad) and it is sticky! I find the leak on the CPU block and try to fix it: no go. Eventually, my whole computer stops booting because the coolant is dripping into my AGP port and this type of coolant is not conductive. I really get tired of this, so I yank the cooling system out which made a bigger mess.

In the process of taking the waterblocks off, I managed to bend the pins on my CPU. Eek! The waterblock came off so easily on the GPU that I tried the same trick on my CPU and it failed badly. Had to go to Newegg on my spare PC and order up another CPU.

It’s been 6 hours since I eaten, so I better go eat before I get sick. Watercooling? NEVER AGAIN!

– Soli Deo Gloria

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