Run-As Control Panel on Windows XP and Windows 7

Just as you think you know everything about Microsoft operating systems, someone recently asked a question on about using Runas with explorer.exe.  There use to be a feature where-in you could do a run-as on Internet Explorer as administrator, then you would get a superuser explorer window from
which you could leap frog to the Control Panel on Windows XP SP2. This allows you do to “admin like” things with a regular user logged into the system. Doing some searching on Google, I found this web link:

which comes up with runas.exe /u:administrator “explorer.exe /separate”  as the trick.  I tried this on both Windows XP and Windows 7 and it worked on both.  Just type in “Control Panel” in the explorer address bar and boom, Control Panel opens as an administrator! One thing this allows you to do is to change network settings logged in as a regular user, which something I could never figure out from an elevated cmd.exe session.

This also seems to work from a network drive, so all you need to do is stick this line in a CMD file and save it to a network share the user has access to and viola!

– Soli Deo Gloria

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