Congratulations Matty!

This post is dedicated to Matt: my co-worker at my last job. He just found another job and I am very happy for him. Matt is very technical and through in solving computer problems. He single handedly rebuilt a NT 4.0 box that died in the cancer department and brought up the cancer software on a Windows 2000 machine with little to no documentation or media. He was also the administrator of our form routing server and tape backup man. He was also great in getting us to Windows 2000 from Windows 98 SE as a desktop standard for various departments. Hey Matt, you remember the Decision Support upgrade? Wow, what a pain that was! Oh what fun it is to convert a 10 year old program using scripts programmed by God knows who dumping data into a mainframe. However, Matt did it.

  • Remember “Pizza Thursdays” in the cafe?
  • Hitting the golf ball just right into the 1970’s golf ball returner?
  • Videos from Ebaumsworld?
  • A. Vicious?
  • Formscape?
  • People also calling me Matt and you Adam?
  • Throwing rubber balls at people’s heads?

All the best to you buddy.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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