DirectX Out of Memory?

Here’s an interesting problem that stumped two techs before the problem got routed to me. It seems that one of our sales people was running a program that utilized DirectX. Unforunately, when they loaded the program none of the DirectX graphics would come up. In addition to this, dxdiag would come back with an “Out of Memory” error message. This was quite interesting as this Dell (GX280 I believe) had 128 MB of video memory and the program ran fine on two other Dells within the same department. The proverbial task of updating the video drivers and reinstalling DirectX was already done before I hit the seat. My plan of attack was to use a DirectX uninstaller (3rd party…Microsoft doesn’t want you uninstalling DirectX) and then use the full 52 MB version of Direct 9.0c I downloaded from the Internet (veruses the lite web version).

Upon looking at the Device Manager of the affected PC, I saw a device under video adaptors named “Webdialogs Mirror Driver”. Hmm…we don’t use anything like that on the image. I promptly removed the suspect driver and lo and behold: DirectX was back up and working again!

After returning to my desk, I decided to check out this Webdialogs thing. Turns out its some type of conferencing software. Makes sense: sales reps conference with their customers all the time. Usually, a mirror driver on a PC allows a remote user to see your desktop. Perhaps he was working with a vendor on a issue on his local PC and offered the vendor to remote into his PC (interesting security implications here).

Remember the priniciples of K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Silly

– Soli Deo Gloria

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