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After testing the latest version of VNCScan (which is much improved since my last entry on it…they encrypt the local administrator password now instead of storing it in cleartext), I saw they were using beyondexec instead of psexec. This piqued my interest, so I went and did a Google search on “beyondexec” and it lead me to The site looks a bit amateurish, but it has some interesting utilities on it, namely PortTalk and Trust-No-Exe. PortTalk lets legacy programs write directly to COM/LPT ports under Windows 2000/XP. I actually could of used this utility about a month ago. I built a Gateway 600YGR laptop for one of our EE’s with Windows XP. He tried his EEPROM program on it (16-bit) and it was a no go. The program wanted to write directly to the LPT1 port and Windows XP doesn’t allow this. I had to put Windows 98 on the laptop to get it to work.

Trust-No-Exe is an interesting concept that could be used for a kiosk type machine. Basically, it allows you to greylist the executables you don’t want running and whitelist the ones you do. Getting back to beyondexec, one advantage of it over psexec is that you can issue shutdown commands to the remote system after executing your remote program. Looks like you can also send messages to the user which could come in handy.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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