Flaky NIC Hits Too Close to Home

Usually these type of problems happen at work, but this one hit too close to home. A few weeks ago the Internet connection on my PC dropped. NIC showed an error status. I power cycled my router and went on my merry way, until it happened again. I went to another PC with a wireless connection and I could ping the router. I could not ping the router from my PC, even though I plugged directly into it. I tried the switching the network cable into different ports on the router wth no success. I dipped into my bag of tricks and pulled out my Testifer network cable tester: cable tested fine. I then switched the cable into another Ethernet port on my computer and still could get on. I then switched my NIC from a static IP to DHCP and then it magically started working. For good measure, I also loaded the latest Forceware from Nvidia for my chipset and NIC.

A week went by and things were fine, except Friday night…around the same time…the same thing happened! Disabling/re-enabling the NIC fixed the issue, but this couldn’t stand. I started surfing the Internet stores for a new network card, then decided to give old Google a try.

I tried the keywords: “Windows 7 nvidia drops connection”. Post after post referenced the same setting: Receive Side Scaling. Looking in my NIC properties, this was set to ENABLED, so I set it to DISABLED and since then: no disconnects! It’s quite odd that I’ve been running Windows 7 for several months and this only recently came up.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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