Winternals Sues Best Buy

It seems that Best Buy entered into agreement with Winternals to demo their software, specifically, the Administrator’s Pak. Winternals came to Best Buy giving training sessions to Best Buy employees, to show them how to best use the software.

Now, read the following from the news section of Winternals:

The complaint also alleges that, “at these training sessions, certain employees of Defendants approached Winternals’ representatives and stated that many of Defendants’ employees were very familiar with The Winternals Software and, in fact, had already been using The Winternals Software to repair malfunctioning and ‘dead’ computers of Defendants’ customers for some time without a license. These employees expressed that they were glad to see the Defendants finally coming into compliance with Winternals by seeking a license to The Winternals Software.”

As we read through the complaint, things get juicer! Supposedly, Winternals went under cover and contacted the “geeks” from Best Buy to come fix their PC. Guess what they were using? Pirated copies of the Winternals software! Here’s a snippet from the complaint:

In one instance, a Geek Squad employee was videoed repairing a customer’s computer using a pirated copy of ERD Commander. The copy of ERD Commander used in the videotape is an illegal, “cracked” copy of ERD Commander. This version of ERD Commander is identifiable, because the start up screen conspicuously displays the word “Gold Member” in the licensee information field next to the Winternals logo. Winternals has never granted a license to any person or entity named “Gold Member”

This PDF lists the times, dates and names of Best Buy employees caught using pirated copies of ERD Commander

– Soli Deo Gloria

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