I Finally Got a DVD Burner!

I finally broke down and bought a DVD burner, realizing that the war between HD-DVD and Blueray will go on for years on end. I think people will be sticking to their trusty DVDs for a long time. After reading a few reviews, I settled on the LiteOn SOHW-1693S DVD drive. I got it for $39.99 from NewEgg.com. That is dirt cheap for a DVD burner! I also ordered two 50 pack spindles of Ridata DVD-R media at $17.99 a spindle. The drive came bare, no box or manual, but who needs those any how? It did come with a copy of Nero Express 6 and PowerDVD 5. Installation was no brainer, I was up and running in 15 minutes. I proceeded to burn a few DVDs. I got a couple of coasters the first few times. Although Nero didn’t specifically tell me the reason why, it seems that if I was doing anything with the computer the DVD would coaster. I am use to burning CDs at 600KB/sec, but this DVD burner at its middle setting does 8,000KB/sec! I also tried to burn some files with “Chinese” characters in the file names. This caused the DVD burner to go into never-never land. It was only after I renamed the files, taking out the “Chinese” characters, would it burn the DVD. I wanted a DVD burner so I could back up my files. I went in search of a file manager that would sort folders and files by size in ascending order. You think this would be a common feature, but it’s very hard to find a program that has it! I found a file manager called ExplorerXP that does this very beautifully and it’s also freeware. I can sort by size and then drill down to the biggest folders and files. I can also “eye ball” what I want to burn using the file manager without using a separate program. It appears that I have get the folder below 4.6 GB for it to fit on the DVD.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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