Moving to New Web Hosting Company

Shortly, I will be moving my web page to a new web hosting company. The web page currently available will remain the same for now. I’m actually learning how to use Adobe Golive! to make a more aesthetically pleasing web site. However, once the new web page is in place, some of the links on this blog may break and pages will be moved around. It may be wise to save any articles or files NOW before I start breaking things!

The main site ( is the one that should be bookmarked and not

Update (10 PM): I made the change shortly after I wrote this. My web page is now up at the new provider Powweb. Unfortunately, after I changed my name servers to Powweb they wiped out my main MX record and reset it to I have to now forward all of my incoming e-mail from Powweb to Tuffmail because the DNS propagation is going so darn slow (I might be in a walker by the time the Internet sees my new MX record).

2nd Update (1/8/06):

I had to go from to, because Powweb’s name servers wouldn’t take my MX record changes. I waited 22 hours and still no change. Dreamhost’s name servers picked up in the change in 30 minutes!

– Soli Deo Gloria

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