PDQDeploy: Installing Software Remotely and Silently

While Microsoft SCCM is nice for deploying software, sometimes you just need a quick and dirty solution for installing simple apps, such as installing Google Chrome, remotely and silently.   PDQDeploy comes to the rescue for this.  There are free and pro versions of the software.  The free version doesn’t include multi-step conditionals or retry-until-online operations, but is otherwise fully functional.

It’s so mind numblingly simple too…make a new package, point it to the MSI file, it figures out the command parameters to use itself and then you click save.  That’s it.  You can then target specific computers directly or use a TXT file of computer names.

For programs that are not MSI based: Google’s search engine comes to the rescue for us. Internet Explorer 11 upgrade?  Sure, here you go: IE11-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe /quiet /norestart /update-no.  You can even get around the multi-step conditional limitation by creating your own VBScript or Powershell script.

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  1. Just wanted to also mention another great tool that will do remote/silent installations and updates for most popular apps. Ninite is free for the home user and the paid Pro version can be used in an enterprise setting for multiple computers. You just run the exe, select your target computers, select the target apps, pick install or update, and you’re all set. Compliments WSUS perfectly for non MS apps.


    PS – Thank you for changing the blog format, I can finally leave a comment now! 🙂

  2. Ninite is cool. For a small shop: the Pro version makes a lot of sense. We currently have Lansweeper and SCCM 2012 R2 in our environment, but for one off installations PDQDeploy cannot be beat.

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