Automatic Updates Not So Automatic

I recently had to install Windows Vista fresh as I switched out motherboards. I had ordered an Asus
socket 478 motherboard from eBay and it failed to work. The AGP is bad on my current motherboard and I
was trying to fix that. They do not make socket 478 motherboards with 4 memory sockets anymore. Alas, I am stuck with this PCI video card until I get a new computer.

Any ways, while Windows Update was running I noticed that Windows Vista was actually finding drivers for
devices use to have to load drivers manually for. Sweet! Perhaps the days of the PC Technician are numbered.
But wait…although it found a driver for my WinTV-GO card, it said the driver installation failed. This card
worked fine in Vista before I wiped the machine. I decided to deal with it later.

The next day while watching some YouTube clips, I noticed the sound sounded distorted and kept fading in and out. No amount of tweaking in the device properties would make it sound better. I then downloaded the SB Live! drivers from my web site and presto, the sound was normal again! My drivers are dated 2002 and the ones from Windows Update were dated 2006. I guess newer drivers aren’t always better.

Now on to my Win-TV card: no amount of pointing it to the correct drivers would make the install work. The
driver installation kept failing saying it was missing a file. Using Procmon, I found out that Windows Update
was looking for the drivers in C:windowssystem32driverstoretemp<somebighex#>Package. It appears that it had downloaded, but none of the other files. This driver or catalog must have a higher ranking then my XP drivers for the WinTV-GO card as Windows Vista outright refused to accept my older drivers. It wasn’t until I right-clicked the device, the device, pick uninstall and deleted the Windows Update drivers would it let me install the old drivers.

My verdict on Windows Update for getting drivers is this: don’t do it!

– Soli Deo Gloria

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