When VMs Won’t Cut It

I was recently working with Creo Parametric (3d modeling software).  Unfortunately, my VMs are not powerful enough to run this software.  Solution?  Steader State.  Basically, this software let’s you do a P2V conversion and then by using the VHD boot feature of Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise, it will create a difference VHD to your base VHD.   Upon booting Windows 7, you get two options: Rollback Windows and Windows 7.   Pick roll back Windows 7 and bingo: you’re back to a clean state!  This does require wiping out the contents of your C: drive however, so you will want to do this on a second box.

Update #1:

I found something better/easy for this process: Reboot Restore Rx (http://www.horizondatasys.com/en/products_and_solutions.aspx?ProductId=18).  Only tested on XP, but it works great!  You can toggle it on and off from the taskbar.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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