Slow File Transfers on Windows Vista

File copying in Windows XP seems better than it is in Windows Vista. Microsoft has even acknowledged the problem in their knowledge base. The hotfix is only available from Microsoft PSS, unless you look around a bit. I found this web site here that offers up some suggestions on fixing this problem, including a link to a web site called TheHotFixSite. This web site hosts hotfixes that Microsoft releases only via the PSS (i.e. does not make available to the general public). Contacting the PSS usually involves paying a fee for the hotifx. KB931770 which is mentioned in the Microsoft knowledge base, is available from TheHotFixSite.

Please note that this hotfix will be incorporated in the next service pack for Windows Vista and that this hotfix in its current form is not widely tested. Use at your own risk!

– Soli Deo Gloria

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