Tips for Windows 8

To disable the corner charms in Windows 8, bring back the start menu and skip the metro start screen, install Classic Shell.  Right-click on the start menu orb, go to Settings.  Click the box next to All Settings, then click on the tab “Windows 8 settings”.  Under “Disable active corners”, click All.  Now you won’t have that stupid metro bar coming up when you place the mouse cursor in the upper right or bottom right corner of the desktop.  If you want to get back to the Metro UI, hold the Windows key and press Q.  If you like to go to the default Metro start page, use Winkey+C.

I found a nice list of Windows 8 shortcut keys here:  Winkey+Q, Winkey+D and Winkey+X are my current favorites.

You can also disable this via registry keys:

– Soli Deo Gloria

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