Free Remote Control Via the Web!

Here’s a company doing something really slick: giving away remote control services over the Internet for FREE! Now it is free for only personal use: if you use it for commercial purposes, you need to purchase a license. Each session can be 30 minutes in duration and you are allowed to use 10 hours of the service per month. Now you can help all your friends without leaving your house!

Setting up the remote control session is dangerously simple: download the program on your PC. Your party can either download the client or you can generate a URL within the program you have on your PC to give them. Basically, the program connects directly back into their service and drives the whole experience. The URL method is slick because the end user just has to enter a URL: the web site delivers a Java based client so no installation on their part is necessary.

If you go for the free license, you are obligated to recommend the product to 7 associates or link an ad to your site. I have opted to link an ad to my blog below since it gets 200+ visits a day.

Update (4/30/07): It gets even better…they removed the session limit, bumped the time per month from 10 hours to 25 hours and you do not have to register to use the software anymore!

TeamViewer Remote Control
Free Remote Control

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