Windows 8 – Consumer Preview – First Impressions

After the Developer Release left a bad taste in my mouth, I was prompted to try the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from a fellow tech, who claimed he really liked Windows 8.  The one thing that really bothers still is the inability to disable the Metro start page and the removal of the start menu in the desktop application.  One way around the start menu snafu is to put it back using Classic Shell.  This actually does a good job, except that the Metro start page sometimes tries to take over when you hover your mouse too far to the bottom left.  Leave Metro for the tablets I say and leave the classic Windows desktop for laptops/desktops.

The task manager in Windows 8 is really bland and the default configuration gives less information then even the Windows 7 task manager (also noted by Mark Russinovich during his malware speech: malware can more easily hide now).  Windows’ 7 task manager actually does a good job of separating user and system processes so you can easily see what is running on your system.

The one thing I do like about Windows 8 is the file copying process.  If you copy files and folders from multiple locations, you can now pause specific copies.  Overall, the operating system seems snappy.  If they can just fix that darn Metro starting interface, it would be perfect.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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