Further Success with Vista Deployment

For some magical reason, I re-tried the settings at blogs.msdn.com/winre for installing Windows RE onto the C: drive and I got it working! A second partition is not necessary. Just copy boot.sdi and SetAutoFailover.cmd (found in the WAIK) and winre.wim to the root of C:. Then do a RunAs administrator on a command prompt and run the script SetAutoFailover as follows “SetAutoFailover.cmd /target C: /wim /nohide”. Reboot and viola, Windows RE is now in your F8 choices! Now when that remote laptop user calls you can rest a little easier (think of spyware cases…just hit F8, pick “Repair your computer” and restore your PC to an earlier time dear user!).

I’ve succesfully gotten SMS 2003 ZTI to push out Windows Vista using Johan’s instructions at www.deployvista.com with a few tweaks. Updates will be posted to my Vista deploy page in the next few days.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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