Carry most of your CDs and DVDs in your Pocket

I love toys, so I bought myself an iodd 2511 from Korea.  What does it do?  Well, you can read about the model 2501 from Basically, it’s a 2.5 SATA hard drive enclosure that acts like a CD/DVD ROM emulator.  You take ISO images of your CD/DVDs and stick them into the _ISO folder on the hard drive (I thought it was unlimited, but then I got an error “Too many files!” on the LCD screen.  I think the limit is around 30 ISOs in _ISO, so when you reach that limit, you will likely need to move ISOs in and out to keep under the limit).  When you do a select boot at your BIOS (or UEFI, pronounced U-FEE) screen, it should show up an iodd CD emulator device.  You use a toggle wheel on the left side to pick which ISO you want and viola, you’re booting from the bootable CD/DVD!  Note that model 2511 does support NTFS as the file system: you don’t have to use FAT32 and there is a firmware update for the 2501 adding NTFS support.

The device also acts as a CD/DVD emulator in Windows without the use of any software, so you can go right to the user’s PC and load any ISO as a drive letter without installing any software.  The device also has a read/write switch in case you want to protect it from that virus infected neighbor PC.

I got my device from eBay from a seller named elec*star within a week for $78.99.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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