BDD 2007 and Windows Vista

Right now I’m playing with BDD 2007 RC1 with Windows Vista RTM and hopefully will have a write up of how it works within the next few weeks. Unforunately, none of the WinPE stuff (LiteTouch) is booting for me and there is supposedly a hotfix (KB928570) to address all this. Oh the joys of beta! However, Johan Arwidmak has a “new” site called and he gives some really nice guides on how to use BDD 2007 RC1.

One issue that I came across in Vista is using sysprep with the generalize switch. Every time I used the /generalize switch, sysprep would crash and my image would be hosed. It appears this is a known issue with the SoundMax drivers. As soon as I uninstalled the SoundMax drivers and then ran sysprep, everything worked fine. The other quirky thing I’ve run into is that sysprep refuses to read my unattend.xml file unless I copy it to C:sysprep and then run sysprep from the same directory. The WAIK documentation specifically states that sysprep must run from C:windowssystem32sysprep, but I have yet to get that to work properly. Sysprep also doesn’t remove the unattend.xml after running through the mini-setup: this could comprise product keys if you are using MAK!

Correction (12/15/06): Product keys aren’t defined in unattend.xml for Business and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista. Windows Vista will just ignore the product key if you input the product key in the sysprep (unattend) file. Defining a product key for Business/Enterprise in BDD 2007 can actually cause it not to work!

– Soli Deo Gloria

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