Illegal Windows Vista KMS Appears on Internet

An illegal KMS in China is serving up Windows Vista activations for free for Business editions of Vista, thousands of them apparently. Under KMS, only the last 50 activations are recorded or “cached” on the server. Which brings up an interesting situation: how is KMS protected? Apparently you can use one volume license key and activate against a completely different one than is kept in the digital store of the KMS. If you are on a college campus that has a KMS, you apparently can connect and activate against it provided you can find the server.

Provided that someone makes a key generator like the one made for Windows XP, one would only have to find a KMS to activate your copy, any KMS! Since Microsoft doesn’t record KMS activations, an administrator may not even know his server is being used to activate pirated copies.

Update (12/6/06): It gets worse…supposedly, you can download an activated KMS server in VMware format and activate your PCs indefinitely at home.  Those Chinese pirates are crazy!  Pirates – 1, Microsoft – 0.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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