Case of the Slow File Upload from Internet Explorer

A fun little case of files uploading very slowly from Internet Explorer.  To rule out the web site being the issue, I tried doing the same action within a VM and it would complete in 1 second versus 60+ seconds on the troubled PC.  Checked the network icon in the task bar and it was showing it was connected at 100Mb.

Did the full gambit of upgrading Internet Explorer from 7 to 8 and purging/tweaking the registry with anything Internet Explorer related, including this KB at Microsoft:;en-us;329781.  Alas, nothing was working. I pulled out Process Monitor and ran a scan on a “good” PC and the “bad” PC.

Here’s the good one:

and the bad one:


As you can see in the 2nd picture, Internet Explorer is having some serious network problems.  The problem?  Well, it was either the network jack, line or the port on the switch (all network connections should be full-duplex, not half-duplex):

Unfortunately, Windows will tell you the connection is 100Mb, but not if it’s full-duplex or half-duplex by looking at the network connection status. Moving it to another network jack and patching it into another port on the switch fixed the issue.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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