Windows 10 is Here!

Windows 10 has been unleashed on the masses (67 million as of this posting).  I’ve been running Windows 10 in its beta form for the past 8 months on my work PC and it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride…that’s to be expected for beta software. I’ve upgraded my work PC to 10240 as part of the Windows Insider program about 2 weeks ago and 3 computers at home in the past 48 hours with the following results:

1. Sager Laptop

Clicked upgrade through the notification icon in the taskbar and applied upgrade.  Everything came over 100% except my wallpaper.  I reformatted a USB flash drive with diskpart and then Windows 10 wouldn’t see it anymore, however it could see other USB flash drives just fine.  The “bad” USB flash drive works fine on other computers, but no longer on my Windows 10 laptop.

2. Main Rig

Upgrade icon was there, but was not offering the download/install yet.  Grabbed the ISO off the Internet and did the installation manually.  Wouldn’t activate right away.  Makes Edge browser the default handler for HTTP links…this browser doesn’t support extensions yet and is a bit buggy (doesn’t work properly with the realtor site FlexMLS…Chrome does).   Video driver on my GTX 670 was completely kicked out…had to download a fresh/updated driver directly from NVIDIA.

3. File server

This went fine over RDP using the ISO download from #2 (wasn’t allowing me to pick download/install either), except RDP doesn’t work at the “welcome back” screen.  Had to switch over with my KVM and input my password, then RDP flipped on just fine.

Also noticed that the upgrade disables the local Administrator account, so I had to re-enable it again on all computers.

In terms of activation…this much has been confirmed:

If you upgrade an activated copy of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, you can wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall Windows 10 and it will find your activation status (based on MAC and serial # of the computer and possibly other components).  If you spin up a VM with a blank hard drive and install Windows 10: it will NOT activate without a purchased product key.  This has been proven by people on Reddit.

A service release (called SR1) is due for Windows 10 in 2 weeks to fix some of the bugs.

– Soli Deo Gloria