Dear HP Laserjet 400: I hate you

Seriously, HP, what is your problem?  Every time I go to install a HP Laserjet 400, it takes 15 minutes or more to install the drivers.  Why, why, why?  This isn’t just isolated to one computer either.  Your installer also doesn’t like UAC.  It doesn’t matter if you are an administrator or not: if you login with an account with administrator rights and UAC is turned on (which is the out of the box default), it either doesn’t find the printer (web drivers) or comes up with some bogus error about not being able to create a folder (built-in drivers).

You have to login with the local administrator account which has UAC turned off.  Seriously?  If your installer doesn’t work with with UAC, how about detecting that it is turned on and throwing up a reasonable error message with instructions on a work around?

It’s 2015…wake the heck up!

– Soli Deo Gloria