System Info Made Easy

Was looking for a way for our end users to quickly and easily determine their system information, such as IP address and their computer’s name.  Something free, not flashy and not resource intensive.   Solution… Systeminfo by Intelliadmin:

This will place a yellow “star” icon in their task bar and gives information such as LAN IP address, public IP address, computer name and uptime.  Hoover over it with your mouse and you get the IP address, computer name and logged in user name.  Double-click on it and you get a more detailed description pop-up. One little problem I noticed when I put it in the autostart key under HKLM is that it would populate multiple times as people logged in and out of the computer.  To get around this, just run taskkill first to kill anything named systeminfo.exe, then launch systeminfo.exe.

Sample VBScript:

Set ws=CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
ws.Run "taskkill /im systeminfo.exe",0,true
ws.Run chr(34) & "C:\systeminfo.exe" & chr(34) & "/tray /no_exit_menu /no_url" & chr(34),0

Depending on the speed of the computer, users will notice a black CMD window with cscript on the top during login that will disappear within a few seconds.

– Soli Deo Gloria