Data Breach Mania

In light of the recent ebay databreach, I decided it was finally time for a password manager.  I typically use a permutation of about 5 different passwords and sometimes the same password across multiple sites.  I’m already up to 21 accounts on various sites: who can remember them all?  “To the cloud!” you say…well, I don’t trust the cloud.  Given that the Adobe cloud service was down for nearly a day and I can’t tell what the other guy is doing with my data on the other end, I prefer a more “manual” solution.  Enter: Keepass.  Keepass keeps all of the passwords in one KDBX file encrypted.  No cloud, no man behind the curtain.  Keepass will keep working even if the company goes out of business and the source code is completely open.

It gets even better, because there’s an Android app that can read and write to KDBX files as well. I have Keepass on an encrypted USB key (Locker+ G2) from Kingston for on-the-go situations and on Google Drive so I can get to it from my phone.  You can copy and paste the passwords from Keepass into your web browser.

– Soli Deo Gloria