Finding Silent Install Secrets

We use a program called Velaro chat.  I contacted the vendor a few years ago asking for a “quiet installer”.  It’s 2015 and you would think that would be standard by now.  They do offer MSI files on the side, but they have issues….particularly with some .NET interop assembly file missing.  What to do?  First, I tried velaro.exe /?.  No dice.  Next, I tried strings.exe from Sysinternals.  This will give us the plain text strings from the installer:

Ah ha!  /silent.  Why didn’t the vendor clue me in on this?  No idea!  Fired this through SCCM and it works like a champ, except it throws exit code 1 for some reason, even though it is properly installed.

Nice installer guys! (NOT!).  I just fire the install and then check C$ share for the install bits afterwards.  This does saving me time remoting in and manually installing the software.

– Soli Deo Gloria