AutoAdministator: A Nifty Free Remote Management Tool

This tip comes from the website  There is a program called AutoAdministrator that used to be payware, but is now freeware.  This program allows you to drill into your Active Directory structure and check off a bunch of computers for an action.  What can you do?

  • Password updates
  • Remote shutdown / reboot
  • Services maintenance
  • Registry maintenance
  • Network ping
  • Remote file management
  • Remote file information
  • Logged on user information
  • Execute processes locally or remotely
  • WMI queries
  • ODBC maintenance

I used it to select all the computers in an OU and then look at the logged in user to see if the computer description matched up.  I was also able to remotely execute programs against multiple computers which is very cool!

– Soli Deo Gloria