Paragon Rescue Kit 14 Free

Got an e-mail from Paragon this morning about the Windows PE based Paragon Rescue Kit 14 Free:  Decided to take it for a test drive and unfortunately, I am disappointed.  First, you cannot install the program without registering.  It’s free to register to get the codes, but that’s a pain!  It wanted to use the Windows 8.1 ADK which I downloaded.  There’s two versions you can build: x86 and x64.  I built the x86 version.  I booted it and it comes up with a screen with several buttons: backup to virtual disk, postmortem backup, undelete partition, boot corrector, transfer files, load drivers, setup network.  You can also do a restore of course.  That’s it.  No file manager, no desktop and…no thanks.

There are better WinPE discs out there such as this one or the ones over at

– Soli Deo Gloria Fall in love with e-mail again

My e-mail has been pretty stable.  I was using my own domain with Tuffmail for the past 9 years.  Tuffmail has been rock solid, but has been lacking in infrastructure upgrades.  Recently, I tried changing my password on Tuffmail and had to contact tech support to do so.  The writing was on the wall: it was time to look for alternatives.  I copied all my e-mail over to my web host Eleven2.  They offer unlimited mailboxes and bandwidth.  It was already included in the price I pay for web hosting, so why not?  Well, I can tell you why not.  First, Eleven2 is a web host and not an e-mail provider.  The controls you have over your e-mail are very basic and I got a lot more spam than I did at Tuffmail.  I tried to e-mail an ATT e-mail address and it was bounced back: the server my website is on was on some type of blacklist.  Then, I couldn’t get to Eleven2 at all: they had blacklisted my IP for too many failed IMAP logins (what?).  Enough was enough: I had to move, AGAIN.

I decided to try since it is highly recommended over at and I have to say: I found my new home!  I love the web interface: simple, elegant, clean and functional.  Tons of options you can configure…setting up my aliases and rules was a breeze. Discounts for multiple year subscriptions.  Clear descriptions on each account level.  Oh look: you can import e-mail from another provider!  I tried it and it worked flawlessly.  Wow, I’m hooked!

Then it was to over to configure Outlook 2013 to work with Fastmail and that’s where the trouble started.  For some reason, Outlook would show me new mail in Inbox but not any of the subfolders I had created unless I clicked on each folder.  Basically, my setup is if you e-mail, I create a rule for that alias and then move that message into the something folder.  It helps route messages into bins for sorting.  If someone adds to a spam list, I can delete and re-create a new alias.  I deleted and re-created the account in Outlook several times, toying with settings…no dice.

I went looking on the Internet for a new mail client.  Ah, there was Eudora!  I had used that for many years back in the 90s.  I loaded it and yeah…crash, crash, crash.  Tried Operamail and then I tried Mailbird and this program actually worked correctly with IMAP at Fastmail. Mailbird allows you to add up to 3 accounts in the lite version…works naively with Google’s calendar…very nice!  It can check all 3 of my accounts and then it places the number of new messages in a little envelope in the taskbar.  Goodbye Outlook 2013!

– Soli Deo Gloria