Why Are Downloads So Annoying?

There I was, downloading a 1GB CAB file from Dell’s enterprise site.  Waited 16 minutes only for the download to end in “Network error”.  Extremely annoying!   As you can see there is no direct link to the file, only 2 lame options:

We can get around this problem by using a really neat (and free!) program called Fiddler.  It’s small and doesn’t seem to make drastic changes like installing a capture driver like other “debug” programs.  Using Fiddler, we can now clearly see the site and folder structure:

Once we get the download path, we can use another awesome free program called the Free Download Manager to grab the file.  This can actually open up multiple connections to the server resulting in a faster download.

Which makes me wonder why not just give me a direct download link in the first place?

– Soli Deo Gloria