Honey I Shrunk the VHD!

I recently tried running Disk2VHD to convert a Windows XP x64 machine to add to a Virtual Server 2005 server. Upon trying to attach the 12GB VHD to Virtual Server 2005, I got the error message “The virtual hard disk image AdamVMx64.VHD is too large for the IDE bus. Make sure that all virtual hard disk images connected to the IDE bus are not greater than 127.5 GB.” This was weird, as the physical disk is 148GB, but the resulting VHD was only 12GB. I downloaded Partition Wizard and sized down the active partition to 80GB. I took another capture with Disk2VHD and again, Virtual Server rejected it as being too big.

I went off to Google and found the VHD Resizer. Upon running this tool and sizing down the VHD to 80GB, I was finally able to get Virtual Server to accept it.

– Soli Deo Gloria