Getting Rid of Local Profiles for Multiple Use PCs

One annoying thing with multi-use PCs such as those in conference rooms or terminal services is the glout of user profiles that build up. Such is the task I was asked to solve when building a VM in VSphere.

The solution is simple: add Domain Users to the local Guests group and Windows will automatically purge the profile on logoff. It doesn’t seem to do this with accounts with administrative rights, but it seems to work for every other account without admin rights.

I gleaned this gem from this web page from someone named rvdmast:

In the words of Columbo: just one more thing.  When you place Domain Users in Guests, you also become locked down and won’t be able to do certain things such as accessing the local event logs.  You can get around this by using RunAs and the local administrator account (which is NOT apart of Domain Users). I also had one PC where this refused to work.  I just used Delprof from Microsoft and used a scheduled task at the system’s boot to run this utility to purge the system of needless profiles.

– Soli Deo Gloria