Repairing the Damage after a Malware Attack

I’ve discovered two tools to help repair your system after malware has damaged it.

Under the Preferences>Repair tab of SuperAntiSpyware Portable, you will find the following fixes (you can select just the ones you need or all of them):

Start Menu Run
System File Checker
System Tray
Task Manager
Windows Control Panel
Windows Explorer Folder Options
Home Page Reset
Internet Zone Security Reset
Local Page Reset
Remove Desktop Screen Saver
Remove Explorer Policy Restrictions
Remove Internet Explorer Policy Restrictions
Remove WinOldApp Policy Restrictions
Remove/Reset Windows Desktop Background/Wallpaper
Repair broken Network Connection (WinSock LSP Chain)
Repair broken SafeBoot key
Repair broken Windows System Restore Service
Reset Desktop Components
Reset Desktop Policies
Reset URL Prefixes
Reset Web Settings
Reset Windows Clock Time Display (12 Hour Format)
Reset Windows Clock Time Display (24 Hour Format)
Reset Winlogon Shell
Reset ZoneMap Settings
User Agent Post Platform Reset
User Agent Reset

Re-enable is a simple portable tool that allows users to easily re-enable Windows’ RegEdit, Command Prompt, Task Manager, Run, Folder Options, and System Restore:

– Soli Deo Gloria

Remote Unlock

Remote Unlock is a utility to remotely unlock a Windows computer’s console, given you have administrator access to the computer.  This allows administrators to gain desktop access to the computer without forcing the user to log out.  Appears to only work on Windows 2003, XP, and 2000.  Download is here:

– Soli Deo Gloria