Backup your IMAP/webmail with Mailstore Home

Many of us have multiple e-mail accounts at multiple providers.  While it’s great to have “everything in the cloud”, you should always have your own backups at home.  I recently found a slick product for doing this called Mailstore Home Edition.  Mailstore works with Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Google Mail (GMail), and generic IMAP/POP3 accounts.  Mailstore sets up a database for each account, but treats the offline backup as one datastore.  In my case, I have my main e-mail accounts and a throwaway account at

I have both and (via the Hotmail connector) accounts setup in Outlook 2010.  I just tell Mailstore to back all the accounts I have setup in Outlook.  Once the backup is done, I can now take this e-mail and restore it to a new provider.  I can also search across all e-mail accounts at lightning speed: it’s on my hard drive!

Take a look at the powerful search options:
Mailstore search

Best of all: it’s freeware for home use!

– Soli Deo Gloria