Phillips 4 Piece USB Kit – $6

Today only at  This 4 piece kit is only $6 (shipping included!).


  • A Male/A Female Connectors
  • A Male/4-Pin Mini B Male
  • A Male/4-Pin Flat Mini B Male
  • A Male/B Male Connectors
  • A/5-Pin Mini B Connectors
  • Great to keep in the tool bag when you need that odd USB connection type.

    – Soli Deo Gloria

    The Dead of One Sysinfo Utility Gives Birth to Another

    I recommended the use of PCI32 to someone rebuilding their system today and found out that Craig Hart and his web site are gone!  His web site use to be here:, but that appears to redirect to a bogus web page.  The last archive I could find is from the end of 2007:

    It appears from other archives that pcidevs.txt on Craig’s web site (the PCI database) stopped being updated by Craig around the beginning of 2008.  However, I have found that Ray Hinchliffe has taken over the maintenance of this database and it was last updated on 9/26/2010 and has 66,000 lines of information vs the 23,000 lines in Craig’s list.  This up-to-date PCIDEVS.TXT can be found at Ray’s site at

    But wait: there’s more!  Ray maintains a program called System Information Viewer or SIV that is a GUI program and it is very good.  I remember seeing this program back in my college days and now it is very polished and uses Craig’s database format.  In addition to the PCI database, Ray also has monitor, USB and PCMCIA databases in plaintext as well, going well beyond the functions of PCI32. You can check out the screenshots of SIV at Ray’s site.  I tried it out on my system and was very impressed.  I may just replace SIW with this tool!  Unlike PCI/PCI32, Ray has a port of SIV that will work on x64 processors.  You can also do updates from within the program to update the device databases.

    I’ve copied the latest PCI32.ZIP I could find and put it here:  I’ve removed PCI32 from my Tech Files page and replaced it with SIV which is far better and more up-to-date.  I’ve also removed the program Unknown Devices from my Tech Files page since it hasn’t been updated since 2007.

    – Soli Deo Gloria