Spruce Up That Old Windows Explorer

From time to time, I go and search for a better file manager, but I always come back to the built-in Windows Explorer.  Instead of completely replacing Windows Explorer, you can add some neat functionality to it.    You can do this with FileMenu Tools which was recently reviewed by TechPP.com and is freeware!  It has neat little features such as being able to securely delete a file (or all files on a drive) by overwriting it with zeros or changing the time stamp on a file.  The duplicate file feature is really nice: if I just want another copy of the file, the old way was copying that file to another directory, then renaming it and then copying it back.  Now I can just do a duplicate file and it just appends _copy to the end of the filename. 

I also like the size of folders feature.  You can right-click on any drive or folder and get sizes right from explorer.  No more loading 3rd party tools like Treesize to do the job!

Simple, neat and clean.

– Soli Deo Gloria