A Quick Way to View BSOD Minidumps

I found this program called BlueScreenView.  It is quite handy as it can open up memory dumps without having WinDBG installed, can open them remotely through c$ shares, is portable, easy to use and the best part: it’s free!

Below you can see it in action.  This was on a Dell D600 laptop who’s motherboard was toasted.  I couldn’t even image the laptop without the whole thing locking up.  You can see the error message and the very handy column “Caused by” that should give you some clues about where the problem is.

– Soli Deo Gloria

2009 Bearware Top 10 Freeware Programs of The Year

Provided courtsey of http://bearware.info

1. Anti Virus/Spyware:  Microsoft Security Essentials

2. File Search:  Everything

3. File Synchronizer/clone:  FreeFileSync

4. Internet TV:  Hulu Desktop

5. Password and Form Filler:  LastPass

6. Program Launcher:  SlickRun

7. Uninstaller:  RevoUninstaller

8. Video Player/Recorder:  VLC

9. Web Browser:  Google Chrome

10. Video/Audio Capture:  TubeMaster++

– Soli Deo Gloria