Create a BSOD on Demand

We all love BSODs, especially ones that do not happen on our own computers. Nirsoft has created a utility called StartBlueScreen on their web site that will produce BSODs on demand! In addition to the torment you can cause with this utility (psexec: hint, hint!), you can force a blue screen on a system to get a memory dump and then analyze the memory stack with WinDBG.

Update: Yes, this does work with psexec.  Try psexec -c -s \computerX \serversharestartbluescreen.exe 0x12 0 0 0 0

– Soli Deo Gloria

Old Apple Games

I saw someone at work playing the old Apple game Oregon Trail over the lunch break through their web browser @ VirtualApple. They have this and many other classic Apple games from the late 80s.


– Soli Deo Gloria

Web site issues

Update 10/8/09: All files should be restored.   As the DNS propagation takes place, there should be less hits at Dreamhost and more here.  I will likely shutdown down the Dreamhost site by Saturday night.

Update 10/7/09: I moved the web site to a new web host called Sharkspace tonight because Dreamhost kept fooling around and blog was mostly down during the past 5 days.  I had to do some trickery with myPHPAdmin to get the database to import, so WordPress might be acting a little weird until I can fully look at it during the weekend.

Some files are missing (particularly the larger ones).  I’ll start restoring those on the morning of 10/8/09.  The site is noticeably faster than it was on Dreamhost, so maybe Dreamhost having hardware problems was a good thing!

Original post continues….

The Dreamhost server I’m on (tirane) is having problems. You might experience 500 errors or slow access to the blog. Unforunately, it’s out of my control, but they are aware of it and are making adjustments. While I was logged into my panel, I noticed that GBs of data were getting pushed per day related to the Marcus Murray videos I posted a while back. Since I am on shared hosting and pay a measly $8 a month to run this site, I cannot run a type site. Therefore, I pulled the videos.  You can still find them at Microsoft’s Technet site.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Soli Deo Gloria