Beta RSAT Tools for Windows 7 RC

Looks like Microsoft removed the beta version of the RSAT tools for Windows 7 RC from their web site for some reason.  Thankfully, I grabbed them before they were taken down.  You can download them here from my web site.

Note that after you run the hotfix, you need to go into the Windows components and add them from there.

– Soli Deo Gloria

Windows 7 RC is Here!

Well, it is if you have Technet.  The RC was released April 30th and will be given to masses on May 5th.  I wiped Vista off my work PC and installed the RC right away.   They finally integrated the Windows Recovery environment right into the installation…so now you can hit F8 and get into it without having to hack it in.  Startup is faster and yes, they finally put back a decent logo during the boot process!  You can now change the background of the login screen with this utility.

UAC is more subdued.  This version of Windows seems what Vista was supposed to be.  The previewing technology in the quick launch is pretty cool and hovering over the start menu “circle” causes it to “light up”.  They added a date to the clock in the bottom right and now a permanently integrated “Show Desktop” feature to the right of the clock.  I do notice some graphical distortions from time to time.  Windows 7 picked a WDDM 1.0 driver for the Q965 video driver in this Optiplex 745.  It’s a beta: what do you expect?

I played a little bit with XPM: basically a copy of Virtual PC running XP that runs under Windows 7.  This feature might be more confusing than helpful.   I was able to run Internet Explorer 6 “desktopless” which is pretty cool (see auto-publishing here)…but how will you keep this VM patched?  Do you really want a bunch of rogue VMs joined to your domain?

Overall, I’m pretty impressed by Windows Vista R2, I mean Windows 7.  A Microsoft Springboard session on Windows 7 can be found @

– Soli Deo Gloria