Microsoft DaRT 5.0 for Free (30 Day Trial)

Microsoft has a 30 day trial version of the ERD Commander, a.k.a. Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit version 5.0.   This might come in handy if you are in a pinch to fix a dead PC.

(5/3/09) Update: Microsoft removed the link, and due to other websites linking to a copy on my website, I removed mine as well.

Description of the CD follows:

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 5.0 is a complete suite of powerful and versatile tools that allow you to repair unbootable or locked-out systems, restore lost data, and diagnose system and network issues while the system is safely offline. Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 5.0 includes the following tools

* Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander
* ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard
* ERD Help

* Chkdsk
* Command Line
* ERD Explorer
* File Search
* Notepad
* Unzip
* Windows Shell

* Crash Analyzer Wizard
* Disk Commander Wizard
* Disk Wipe
* ERD Registry Editor
* ERD System Restore Wizard
* File Restore
* Hotfix Uninstall Wizard
* Locksmith Wizard
* Solution Wizard
* System File Repair Wizard

* Autoruns
* Disk Management
* Event Viewer
* Services and Drivers
* System Information

* File Sharing
* Map Network Drive
* TCP/IP Configuration

Supported platforms:

* Windows(R) 2000 (x86), latest service pack
* Windows XP (x86), latest service pack
* Windows Server 2003 (x86), latest service pack

Unsupported platforms:

* Windows Vista(TM) (All CPU architectures)
* Windows “Longhorn” Server (All CPU architectures)
* All x64 CPU architectures

– Soli Deo Gloria