XMRadio: What a Pain to Cancel

I decided to get a MP3 player recently and dump XMRadio.  They sent me a notice in the mail to renew for 3 years, but I did not want it anymore, so I threw the offer away.  Just this month: I see a charge for $377.98 from XMRadio.  I immediately called their 1-800 number and the first prompt said my credit card was expired.  What I would like to know is if my credit card is expired and storing the CVV number is against credit card regulations, how did XMRadio charge me?  I gave all my personal information to the first representative who transferred me to the “accounts department”.  I was promptly hung up on.

I called back, talked to another customer service representative and again was transferred to the accounts department.  The representative tried to entice me with free months of service and a discounted rate of $4.99 per month.  I kept having to say “just cancel it” to get my point across.  I also went into my credit card account online and disputed the charge, asking them to block XMRadio from making charges against my account.

Will update this entry with any further information! 🙂  Next time: I will use a temporary credit card # I generate through Paypal so merchants will no longer have access to my real credit card number.

Update 9/26/08:

XMRadio refunded my request.  Discover card is now on my hit list!  To be continued!

– Soli Deo Gloria