Windows XP OEM Activation

Ran into an interesting problem when imaging a Dell D510 and placing that image onto a Dell D630. It appears the Dell OEM version of Windows XP doesn’t like hard drive cloning. When you would attempt to run msoobe /a, the space where installation ID was supposed to be was completely blank. Attempts to change the OOBETimer value among other things was unsuccessful.

The solution? Run sysprep. Somehow, sysprep has the magic to fix activation woes. After sysprep ran (we did the reseal option), we logged in and the installation ID was now being generated.

Did I ever mention what a pain in the neck Windows activation is? Oh yeah, only about a million times!

– Soli Deo Gloria

Fun With HP Printers

A few days ago I was seeing some weird messages on our HP Jetdirect printer. Doing a little Google searching I found out that it is possible to send messages to HP printer so they show on the LCD display! I found this utility you can install on Windows. Just install it, enter the IP address of the printer and put your message in. The message will be erased if the printer is power cycled.

If you do this at the work place: use caution. Your IT department may not like you very much if they catch you sending messages to their printers. 🙂

– Soli Deo Gloria