Robert Galle: Rude Dude of WhereIsIt

I have to say that I think I might have met one of the rudest vendors on the Internet! I was interested in a program to catalog my DVD movies. I did some searching around and found a disc cataloging program called WhereIsIt by Robert Galle. The program seemed well written, developed and supported, so I preceded to order a license for $39.99. I created an e-mail address “” for the ordering process as I have gotten burned in the past by merchants that have added me to spam lists. His order page does state that you cannot use a “freemail” address, however, is not a free e-mail provider and I in fact pay for e-mail access there.

A few hours after ordering I got this e-mail message from after placing my order:

To: Adam Leinss,

An order on your name has been received from ShareIt! (Ref.No. XXXXXXXX, Sun Nov 4 2007, 1:04 CET). For license delivery you have selected email delivery, and stated an email address provided by vendor who offers freely available and/or anonymous email addresses. This is a violation of ordering conditions and against instructions as stated on the order form, no licenses are ever sent to any freemail addresses.

If you are applying for a license, you are expected to behave responsibly.

Please respond with an appropriate email address intended for license delivery and state a valid reason for using a freemail address. Failure to do so within 3 days will result in order being processed as a fraud attempt.

WhereIsIt Orders

1. The e-mail address used was not a “freemail” address

2. The e-mail address used was not anonymous

My personal e-mail address is only given to people I meet in real life. I have no control what Robert Galle does with my e-mail address. I respond back that if he cannot send the license to the address I used to cancel the order. Robert replies back with this:

Ordering conditions are clear and they go for you, too.

This order is hereby considered a fraud attempt, and will be treated accordingly.

Robert Galle

I think Mr. Galle missed Customer Service 101. How can I commit fraud with my own credit card? I didn’t even get a license: all I did get was a bunch of attitude and quite undeserved attitude at that! Can you imagine getting tech support from this individual?

Since Mr. Galle does not want to sell me his program, I was able to find a freeware replacement called Disk Explorer Professional. I strongly urge you to check out this program if you are in the market in for a disc cataloging program.

– Soli Deo Gloria