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After giving Microsoft a tongue lashing, I decided to post about some of the things I like about Vista. Here’s a real nifty one: Reliability Monitor. You can track, over time, the reliability of your PC. Here’s a chart to see what I mean:

This is a chart of my work PC. As you can see the chart dipped around 10/2/06. This is around the time I did an inplace upgrade of my PC from build 5600 to 5728. On 10/9/06, I did an inplace upgrade from build 5728 (interim build) to 5744 (RC2). During the in-place upgrades, Windows flagged several programs as incompatible, thus the dip in score (along with a few explorer crashes!). The same historical data can be done for performance as well. This should be a welcomed featured for both users and IT professionals. Say you install a new program on a user’s machine and they state the computer is slower since you installed the program. You can now objectively look at the historical data and determine if that really is the case.

Windows Vista packaging. Take a sneak peak at what the boxes will look like for holding the Windows Vista media.

No Aero Glass for machines with 512MB or less of memory since build RC2. Here’s the workaround:

1. Ensure that you have the following registry value set to :

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsDWMComposition set to 1 (32-bit DWORD)

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsDWMCompositionPolicy set to 2 (32-bit DWORD)

2. Restart DWM by opening a command prompt with administrative privileges :

– Type ‘net stop uxsms’

– Then ‘net start uxsms’

Just remember I told you get nothing less than 1GB of memory for Windows Vista!

Looking to spice up your sidebar? Get the freeware version of a sweet sidebar call Desktop Sidebar. You’ll wow your friends over the bland sidebar that comes with Windows Vista. This sidebar also works on Windows 2000/XP/2003.

– Soli Deo Gloria

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