Windows Vista – Build 5728

We are only a month away from Microsoft finalizing the Windows Vista bits. Consumers won’t see it until Janurary 2007, but I will be running before then to get a jump on everyone. 🙂 For the first time, I attempted in-place upgrades with Windows Vista Ultimate over Windows XP Pro. The first experience was very horrible: the setup program failed to identify all the incompatible programs on my test system such as the SMS Agent, Track-IT! Remote Control Agent and VNC server until AFTER the setup was completely done. The inplace upgrade also takes forever. On a Dell GX520 with a standard build it took around 2 hours! Let me also state that you should NOT run Windows Vista with anything less than 1GB of memory. On a fresh build with just Office 2003 and the AS/400 client, the task manager showed 0MB available of physical memory and there was heavy hard drive thrashing.

We’ve also experienced some serious issues with Outlook 2003 not playing very nicely. On Windows Vista RC1 (and the build before), Outlook 2003 would eventually hang on start up. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2003 would get it going again. If we deleted the Office key in HKCU, Outlook 2003 would work again, but for only one start. Office 2007 never seemed to have a problem on Windows Vista surprisingly.

Windows Vista x64 currently lets you disable driver signing, but Microsoft says they will remove that feature in the final release. I suspect that someone will develop a “crack” for this: who wants to go out and buy all new hardware just so the drivers are signed?

– Soli Deo Gloria

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