Robert Galle: Rude Dude of WhereIsIt

I have to say that I think I might have met one of the rudest vendors on the Internet! I was interested in a program to catalog my DVD movies. I did some searching around and found a disc cataloging program called WhereIsIt by Robert Galle. The program seemed well written, developed and supported, so I preceded to order a license for $39.99. I created an e-mail address “” for the ordering process as I have gotten burned in the past by merchants that have added me to spam lists. His order page does state that you cannot use a “freemail” address, however, is not a free e-mail provider and I in fact pay for e-mail access there.

A few hours after ordering I got this e-mail message from after placing my order:

To: Adam Leinss,

An order on your name has been received from ShareIt! (Ref.No. XXXXXXXX, Sun Nov 4 2007, 1:04 CET). For license delivery you have selected email delivery, and stated an email address provided by vendor who offers freely available and/or anonymous email addresses. This is a violation of ordering conditions and against instructions as stated on the order form, no licenses are ever sent to any freemail addresses.

If you are applying for a license, you are expected to behave responsibly.

Please respond with an appropriate email address intended for license delivery and state a valid reason for using a freemail address. Failure to do so within 3 days will result in order being processed as a fraud attempt.

WhereIsIt Orders

1. The e-mail address used was not a “freemail” address

2. The e-mail address used was not anonymous

My personal e-mail address is only given to people I meet in real life. I have no control what Robert Galle does with my e-mail address. I respond back that if he cannot send the license to the address I used to cancel the order. Robert replies back with this:

Ordering conditions are clear and they go for you, too.

This order is hereby considered a fraud attempt, and will be treated accordingly.

Robert Galle

I think Mr. Galle missed Customer Service 101. How can I commit fraud with my own credit card? I didn’t even get a license: all I did get was a bunch of attitude and quite undeserved attitude at that! Can you imagine getting tech support from this individual?

Since Mr. Galle does not want to sell me his program, I was able to find a freeware replacement called Disk Explorer Professional. I strongly urge you to check out this program if you are in the market in for a disc cataloging program.

– Soli Deo Gloria

7 thoughts on “Robert Galle: Rude Dude of WhereIsIt”

  1. Although the replies sent by Robert Galle seem to be a little blunt, I believe english may not be Robert’s first language.

    None of us want our credit card details to be used fraudulently, and I think we should respect that this vendor has a rather robust policy designed to reduce the risk of this happening.

    As for tuffmail addresses, in general it is quite possible to create one for free (ie untraceable webmail) even if only on the 30 day basis, in which no billing information needs to be confirmed. I believe this is why Tuffmail is listed as a ‘freemail’ provider.

    Personally I have been using whereisit for more than 5 years, and consider it to be an excellent and extremely useful tool, and I have always received prompt replies to technical enquiries with this vendor, more so than with many other programs in fact. Personally I have found it refreshing and satisfying to deal with a small (1 person?) software company.

    Just wanting to put a balanced argument…

    – Tim Knights

  2. Aside: oddly, tuffmail addresses occur in other banned lists, I just tried to cancel the free tuffmail account I created to test the above proposition… but my regular email service will not send to tuffmail addresses!

    Error status follows:

    The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was ‘’. Subject ‘cancellation’, Account: ’02 08V1‘, Server: ‘’, Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: ‘553 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.5.3 – chkuser)’, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 553, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

  3. I’m sure if I had a stolen credit card I could just go to another e-mail provider, setup a fake e-mail account and then try to commit the supposed fraud he is talking about.

    In the 10+ years on the Internet doing business with various places, this is the first vendor I’ve had a problem with. If he thinks Tuffmail is a freemail provider, then he should be checking the address that gets input into the order form or provide a list of no-no e-mail providers.

    He goes through a 3rd party for payment processing. Doesn’t this 3rd party processor do fraud checking? He’s now a disk catalog programmer and a fraud detective?

    Bottom line is Robert is rude and he needs to come up with better system for his customers.

  4. Whereisit is a great program and I use it daily to keep track of millions of files on multiple backup disks, dvds, blu rays, cd roms, and my computer’s main disks. It’s fast and has been a total bargain. I purchased it in 1999 for $37 have never been charged again for the multiple updates, fixes and improvements. I am free to use it on as many machines as I like as long as I am the sole user.

    Mr. Galle had a lot of problems with people sharing his program as freeware and has obviously been the victim of internet fraud. Rarely have a found a program as well written as this for such a low price. It seems like he has stopped work on the program as 2014 is the last date it was updated.

  5. It seems to me that development on this program has stopped. The last update was in 2014. I’ve tried contacting the vendor multiple times over the last two years, via support@,orders@, and Robert.Galle@ whereisit-soft DOT com. No answer. The ‘company’ is, according to the website, in Slovenia. Also according to the website, the main mirror is in the USA. A while ago, I did a lookup on its IP address and it is hosted in California.

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